Toast skagen
Crayfish tails and salmon roe 15,-

Marinated octopus
Egg yolk confit and orange segments 13,-

Hay smoked salmon
Fermented cucumber and buttermilk 12,-

Scallop in two ways and cauliflower 16,-

Beef tartar vol 13.
Cured egg yolk and capers 18,-


Main courses

The Salmon Soup
Our own classic.
Smoky broth & dill 22,-

Fish & Chips
Breaded fresh cod, sauce tartar and french fries 23,-

Pan fried whitefish
Beets and apple 29,-

Bacon, smoked salsifypyree and lobster sauce 38,-

”Paella” 3.0
Saffron rice, scallops,
scampi and octopus 36,-

Grilled octopus
Salsa verde and cherry tomatoes 9,-/pcs
(Sides separately from the menu.)

Fish of the day
Ask more from the staff!

Buckwheat blini
Crispy blini with smetana, red onion, pickle, rainbow trout roe and shrimp ”skagen” 21,-

Surf & Turf
Lobster, finnish beef entrecòte,
pommes frites and sauce hollandaise 38,-

Beetroot risotto
Fermented beetroot and goat cheese 23,-



French fries and sriracha mayonnaise 7,-

Green salad 6,-

Boiled siikli potatoes 6,-

Saffron rice 9,-

Side risotto 8,-

Pan fried vegetables 8,-

Sriracha- or yuzu mayonnaise 3,-



”Cinnamon bun”
Cardamom financier and milk ice cream 12,-

Grapefruit pannacotta
Pickeld rhubarb and elderflower sorbet 12,-

Homemade ice cream or sorbet
Ask for the flavour of the day 5,-

Cheese x 3
Fig jam and sour dough crispbread 12,-


The lohikeitto

The Salmon Soup

Fish 'n' Chips

Fish ‘n’ Chips