Boiled lobster tail
Saffron-limemayo and roasted bread 22,-

Marinated herring
Beetroot and crown dill 15,-

Beef tartar vol. 19
Bearnaisemayonnaise and Pecorino 20,-

Arctic char & whitefish
Buttermilk and potatoes 17,-

Main courses

The Salmon Soup
Our own classic.
Smoky broth and dill 23,-

Fish & Chips
Breaded fresh cod and french fries 24,-

Buckwheat risotto
Celery root and Västerbotten cheese 26,-

Pan fried arctic char
Carrots and Vermouth sauce 34,-

Grilled monkfish
Parsnip, apple and chestnut 38,-

Duck breast
Celery and cherries 36,-

Surf & Turf
Lobster and Finnish beef entrecòte 42,-

Grilled octopus
Salsa verde and cherry tomatoes 9,-/pcs
(Pick sides separately)

Fisken salad
Balsamico Dressing, rainbow trout and shrimps 29,-

Blue mussels
Whitewine cream sauce 26,-


French fries and lime mayonnaise 7,-
Side salad 7,-
Boiled siikli potatoes 7,-
Buckwheat risotto 9,-
Pan-fried vegetables 9,-


Marinated apple
Oats and vanilla 14,-

Pear parfait
Chocolate ganache and almonds 13,-

Housemade ice cream or sorbet
Ask for the flavour of the day 5,-

Cheese x 3
Jam and sourdough crispbread 14,-

The lohikeitto

The Salmon Soup

Fish 'n' Chips

Fish ‘n’ Chips