Smoked pike mousse

Fennel & scallion emulsion 10,-

Sugar salted arctic char

Carrot & yolk cream 12,-

Whitefish confit

Pumpkin & yoghurt sauce 14,-

Beef tartar vol 11.

Pickled mushrooms & wasabi 16,-


Main courses


The Salmon Soup

Our own classic.

Smoky broth & dill 22,-

Fisken’s Fish & Chips

Breaded fresh cod, lingonberry tartar & french fries 23,-

Panfried pike-pearch

Pumpkin purée & caper beurre blanc 29,-

Fisken´s ”paella” 2.0

Saffron rice, monkfish, octopus & king prawn 36,-

Blue mussels

(choose sides from the menu) 22,-

Grilled octopus

Salsa verde & cherry tomatoes

(Choose sides from the menu) 9,-/piece

Fish of the day

Ask more from the staff!

Premium Surf & Turf

Local Entrecôte, lobster,

new season potatoes & jalapeño butter 39,-

Beetroot & barley

Goat cheese & apple 24,-



French Fries and yuzu mayonnaise 7,-

Green salad 6,-

Deep fried siikli potatoes 6,-

Boiled siikli potatoes 6,-

Saffron rice 9.-

Pan fried vegetables 8,-

Yuzu mayonnaise 3,-




Liquorice pannacotta

Sea buckthorn sorbet 12,-


Apple tart

Brown butter ice cream 12,-


Homemade ice cream or sorbet

Ask for the flavour of the day 5,-


Cheese x 3

Cloudberry jam & sour dough crispbread 12,-