Toast skagen
Crayfish tails and salmon roe 15,-

Cured salmon
Fermented cucumberstock and cauliflower 13,-

Scallop ceviche
Soy dressing and wasabi emulsion 16,-

Beef tartar vol 12.
Spruce and gruyere cheese 18,-


Main courses

The Salmon Soup
Our own classic.
Smoky broth & dill 22,-

Fish & Chips
Breaded fresh cod, sauce tartar and french fries 23,-

Pan fried whitefish
Cabbage, chanttarelles and lichen 32,-

”Paella” 3.0
Saffron rice, scallops,
scampi and octopus 36,-

Grilled octopus
Salsa verde and cherry tomatoes 9,-/pcs
(Sides seperately from the menu.)

Fish of the day
Ask more from the staff!

Surf & Turf
Lobster, finnish beef entrecòte,
siikli-potatoes and sauce hollandaise 39,-

Mushroom risotto
Pan fried mushrooms and porcini pyree 26,-



French fries and yuzu mayonnaise 7,-

Green salad 6,-

Deep fried siikli potatoes 6,-

Boiled siikli potatoes 6,-

Potatopyree 7,-

Saffron rice 9,-

Side risotto 9,-

Pan fried vegetables 8,-

Yuzu mayonnaise 3,-



Chocolate & Pear
Berry mascarpone 12,-

Bilberries and cream cheese 12,-

Homemade ice cream or sorbet
Ask for the flavour of the day 5,-

Cheese x 3
Fig jam and sour dough crispbread 12,-


The lohikeitto

The Salmon Soup

Fish 'n' Chips

Fish ‘n’ Chips